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Academic Programs

The Anderson School of Management offers three graduate programs, 2 accelerated undergraduate to graduate programs, and 12 post-masters certificates. Click on a program to learn more about the curriculum. All programs have flexible scheduling and offer evening courses on Monday-Thursday, as well as some online options.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) includes two tracks: Accelerated and Focused. Both programs include 11 core classes (31 credits). The Accelerated track offers two electives (6 credits) and the Focused track offers four concentration classes (12 credits) from one of 12 concentration areas.


The Master of Accounting is a 33 credit hour program that includes four tracks: Advanced, Taxation, Information Assurance and Professional. All four tracks prepare students to sit for the CPA exam. The Advanced, Taxation, and IA tracks require an undergraduate degree in accounting from an AACSB accredited institution. The Professional track is for students with no accounting background and includes two prerequisite courses.


The Master of Science in Information Systems & Assurance is a 33 credit hour program with a customized curriculum. The program requires 30 credit hours of coursework or professional experience in accounting, business, computer science, computer-related engineering, information systems or information technology prior to admission. Students can choose from one of five areas.

3-2 MBA

The 3-2 MBA offers a student in just five years to earn a bachelor's degree and an MBA. Take the first three years of undergrad toward a non-management bachelor's degree. In the fourth year, take 6 MBA classes in place of a minor or electives. Finish the MBA in the fifth year.

BBA-MACCT Integrated

The BBA-MACCT Integrated provides a first semester senior the opportunity to get early admission to the MACCT and take two courses in the final semester of senior year that apply to both the bachelor's and master's degrees.

Post-Master's Certificate

The Post-Master's Certificate provides five courses for working professionals that have earned a graduate degree from an AACSB accredited institution. The certificates offered include 11 management certificates and two accounting certificates.

The Sky's the Limit

75% of Anderson students are employed at graduation.

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