Funding & Tuition

Funding & Tuition

Learn information about the programs and speak with a member of the graduate admissions team at one of these upcoming information sessions. With the low cost and high value of a graduate degree at Anderson, students earn their degree without years of student loans.


The cost of attendance for Anderson Graduate School is available here. With flexible scheduling options, the cost of tuition and fees is charged per credit hour*:

Resident tuition: $590.42 per credit hour
Non-resident tuition: $1,295.12 per credit hour

Non-resident (not international) tuition is charged in-state rates if students attend part-time (6 credit hours or less). Following one year, students can petition for in-state residency.

*Executive MBA and MBA in Education Leadership follow different tuition pricing.

Scholarships & Funding

In 2017-2018, Anderson awarded graduate students $198,250 in total scholarships.

One scholarship application is available to Anderson students. It’s open one time per year, April-May, and scholarships are awarded for the following academic year. Go to the Anderson scholarship page to apply for one of the scholarships.

Graduate Assistantships

Anderson offers over 60 graduate or project assistantships to students that provide the skills and ambition in their degree program. Assistantships require a completed application that is provided following acceptance to a graduate program.

MBA graduates earn 45% more than the median U.S. Salary
Anderson is an award-winning management school and is accredited by the AACSB, putting the management education in a class of just 5% of business schools worldwide. With a keen focus on skills needed in the modern workplace, Anderson builds competency and opportunity for its students with local impact and global relevance.