Why Albuquerque?

Why Albuquerque?

The innovative and diverse southwestern culture of Albuquerque attracts entrepreneurs and outdoors enthusiasts to thrive in this city of over 40,000 businesses and 310 days of sunshine per year.

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  • Outdoor Magazine ranked Albuquerque one of the 10 Best Big Cities for Active Families.
  • Albuquerque was ranked one of the Best American Cities for Creatives by Thrillist.
  • Zumper.com ranked Albuquerque one of the Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities.
  • The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was ranked one of 5 Spectacular Balloon Festivals in the United States by VisitTheUSA.com.
  • Thrillist ranked Albuquerque one of the 10 Cities with the Cleanest Air in America.
  • Albuquerque ranked one of America's Favorite Places in Travel + Leisure's survey.

A Great Place to Live
In Albuquerque, you have time to breathe, think, play, work, drink at a local coffee shop or brewery, hike up the mountains and down along the river.

Amazing Outdoor Activities
With spectacular weather, 310 days of sunshine and an abundance of outdoor adventures, Albuquerque is a great place for both elite athletes and leisure recreation enthusiasts.

Rich in Culture
Albuquerque's numerous museums provide you with a unique and in-depth perspective on diverse topics covering art, history, culture, science, and nature.
Affordable Living
Albuquerque was named as one of the top places to build wealth by Salary.com, thanks to its reasonable housing, activities and prices in general.
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